What is a WhatsApp form?

What is a WhatsApp form?

Simple explanation

A WhatsApp form is an online web form that allows user to enter data and submit the data to a predefined WhatsApp number. It can be explained in 3 simple steps.

Step 1: User submits the form

Step 2: Data sent to WhatsApp

Step 3: Begin chat with Customer

Here is a demo of a WhatsApp form made using WhatsForm 👉  Demo

How does it work?

Create your WhatsApp Form using WhatsForm. Simply create an account and start creating a form from scratch or convert an existing Google Form.

Provide the WhatsApp number in which you want to receive the data. And then just share the link with your customers. All form submissions will come to the number you provided and these submissions will come as chat messages from the customer’s WhatsApp number.

The chat messages are sent over WhatsApp API upon form submission. Depending on where the user is submitting the data, WhatsApp API will route the data to the mobile app or desktop app. If the customer is submitting data on the form on his/her mobile, the API will send the data to the WhatsApp mobile app. If they are on the laptop or desktop, the API will send the data to WhatsAPP web app.

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