Make your WhatsForm search engine friendly

Make your WhatsForm search engine friendly

Open Settings

Open SEO

Under Settings> SEO you will find the option to edit your SEO data.

Here you can change:

  • Meta Title - This is a concise and accurate depiction of what your WhatsForm does. This is also the text that appears on your web browser tab. We recommend a length of 60 characters for meta title.

  • Meta Description - This is the text shown in search engine results. Keep it descriptive and attractive to the searcher. Ideally it can have a length of 160 characters

  • Meta Image - This is the image shown when your WhatsForm URL is shared. Recommended dimensions for meta image is 1200x627 px.


Meta images are mandatory for all WhatsForms. You may replace the meta image. However meta images cannot be removed.

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