Create a WhatsForm from scratch

Create a WhatsForm from scratch

Following are the steps to create a WhatsForm from scratch

Create a new WhatsForm

Start by creating a new WhatsForm.

Provide your WhatsApp number and select language to proceed. You can create WhatsForm in multiple languages.

Choose Start from scratch.

WhatsForm Builder

Now you are inside the builder, where you can add questions to the form. This is how the builder looks like. Start off, by giving your form a name.

Over to the left, you can see different question types that you can add to the form. You can drag and drop to the center area. Try adding a Text Input question first.

Make edits as required to your Text input question. Here we have added the text for the question, a placeholder text, additional details and also have marked the question as a required field. Once you have added the question, you can click on Publish to see the changes live.

Then open the WhatsForm by click on Open.

Now you can see your WhatsForm with the first question added. You also fill in data and click on Submit button to test the WhatsForm.

Complete your WhatsForm

Add other questions to the WhatsForm in the builder and make edits to them as required. Click on Preview to see the changes to your WhatsForm.

You can see the WhatsForm in mobile view, desktop view and also in the form a widget. You can exit the preview after checking if all questions have been added.

Publish the changes

Open the WhatsForm again to see if the changes are live.

Test the WhatsForm

Fill the form with data and click on Submit on WhatsApp. See if it reaches your WhatsApp app.

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