Translate your WhatsForm

Translate your WhatsForm

Supported Languages

Currently we support creating WhatsForm in the following languages:

  • English (default)

  • Português

  • Español

  • Indonesian

  • Français

  • Italiano

  • Deutsche

  • 简体中文

  • Russian

When creating a new WhatsForm

If you are trying to create a new WhatsForm, you can set the language at the creation step.

Once you have set the language, all questions that you add to WhatsForm will be in the language you selected. Even the call-to-action button text changes accordingly.

When translating an existing WhatsForm

First you have to copy the WhatsForm and then go to the Settings of the copied WhatsForm. Under Settings > General, you can find the option to change your WhatsForm language.

Then you need to translate each questions to create the translated copy. So that the following WhatsForm in English;

translates to a WhatsForm in Spanish. This translation has to be done manually at your end.


Our WhatsForm dashboard is also available in four languages - English, Português, Español, Indonesian. Changing the dashboard language will help you to navigate the options easier if you are not familiar with English language. Please note that dashboard language is not related with the language setting of your WhatsForm.

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