Store WhatsApp response in Google Sheets

Store WhatsApp response in Google Sheets

Open Settings

Open Integrations

Here you under Settings > Integrations, click on Connect under Google Sheet.

Connect with Google

Choose your Google Account in which you want to create your Google sheet. Grant the necessary permissions

After the connection, WhatsForm will automatically create a Google sheet in your Google drive.

Open Google Sheet

First, click on View Integration.

Click on Open Google Sheet. Notice that there is a Disconnect option to remove the connection between Google Sheet and WhatsForm.

The Google Sheet will have the name of your WhatsForm and all the questions inside WhatsForm will be already present as columns inside your Google Sheet.

Test the Integration

Open your WhatsForm and submit some dummy data.

Check your Google sheet to see if the response was stored properly.


You can temporarily disable the integration by turning off the toggle switch as shown below:

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