How to become an Affiliate?

How to become an Affiliate?

Our affiliate program is perfect for those looking to earn an additional income.

  1. Here we give 25% recurring commission on every paid customer, plus an additional $100 bonus every time you close 10 customers.

  2. Once you make an affiliate account - you get a unique referral link (Eg:-

Can I sign up using my own referral link?

No. Unfortunately, self-referrals are strictly prohibited. The aim of a referral program is to encourage affiliates and ambassadors to spread the word about our product(s), not to get discounts.

Can I run ads or publish links under WhatsForm brand name?

No, this is against our affiliate terms. Any activities like cookie stuffing or social media accounts under the Whatsform brand name can also lead to the termination of your affiliate account with us.

Can I sign up on behalf of my clients through my own referral link?

Yes. Do make sure that you are using your referral link when you do such sign-ups. We always recommend that you ask the Client to sign up on their own using your referral link.

My friend/client signed up without using the referral link. What can I do?

In this case, please send us an email to Try to add the friend/client in CC for confirmation purposes and we can add the lead from our side.

Why can’t I see my sign-ups and/or rewards?
Our tracking is based on browser cookies, so if you used a different browser/device from the visitors to sign up, you cleared your cookies, you used incognito, or you signed up from your own referral link, the signup might not be tracked. If you are 100% sure the signup or sale was not tracked correctly, contact us.

What’s the referral cookie life?

The referral cookie life is 120 days. The user has to choose a paid plan within 120 days since the first referred visit. Post this period, the conversion will not be tracked.

Twitter is stripping the hashtag referral id from the referral link. What can I do?
Use this page to share the referral link on Twitter or use this alternative link:

Can I have a referral link pointing to other pages of the website?

Yes. Append your referral id (#_r_username) to any URL to create your own referral link.

When will I get paid?

Payments will be made on the 1st of every month. The minimum balance required for payout is $10.00. Payments are only made via PayPal. You will get the rewards on a monthly basis, from there on. We’ll email you when the payout is completed.

Can I change my referral id (#_r__username)?

Yes, you can change your referral id from the dashboard.

How can I get paid if I don’t have PayPal?

We only support PayPal as of now. Please contact for any help.

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