Convert Google Form to WhatsApp Form

Convert Google Form to WhatsApp Form

You can create a WhatsForm from your existing Google Form. This process will create an exact copy of your Google Form inside your WhatsForm account.

Create a new WhatsForm

Start by creating a new WhatsForm.

Provide your WhatsApp number and select language to proceed

Copy from a Google Form

Click on Copy Google Form. Here you may be asked to connect with your Google account to get access to Google Drive. Provide the necessary access and you are good to go.

You will see all the Google Forms in your drive. Select the Google Form that you want to convert to a WhatsForm.

Edit your new WhatsForm

The conversion happens in a matter of seconds. The following is the Google Form that we selected.

And below you can the WhatsForm that was created from the above Google Form.

You will be redirected the builder, where you will be able to see the Google Form questions inside a new WhatsForm. You can add new questions or make new edits as you see fit.


  1. When you convert a Google Form, WhatsForm creates a copy of the questions.

  2. New changes made to the Google Form are not synced to your WhatsForm.

  3. The converted WhatsForm does not add responses to Google Form. (You can try our Google Sheet integration)


  1. WhatsForm cannot retain sections in a Google Form.

  2. WhatsForm cannot retain section branching/logic in a Google Form.

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