Dropdown Question

Dropdown Question

If you have a list of options to be shown to the user, Dropdown question is the appropriate one.

Select Dropdown

Drag and drop Dropdown question from the right side, under Add Questions.

Edit question

Over to the right, you will find the options to edit this question.

Here is an overview of what you can edit:

Parts you can editNo.Purpose
Question text1The text for the question you want to ask.
Question details2Further details or hints to help the customer understand more about the question. Here you can add URLs also.
Placeholder text3An example text of the answer should look like or a tip
Options4This is where you add the different options for the customer to choose. You may also add an image for each option.
Question Image5You can add one image to each question.
Required6If the question is mandatory, mark the question as required. It will add a * , next to the question.

Test it out

Add question details to see how it looks.


When you are adding options, you can add all option in one-go, rather than entering each one-by-one. The trick is to comma separate the options as a single string. And WhatsForm will automatically take each one as an option.

Example, if you add countries as a single entry, separated by commas;

Then they are turned to individual options, as shown below.


  • You can always see the new question in WhatsForm by clicking on Preview.

  • If it says Unpublished Changes, it means there are changes waiting to be made public.

  • When you click on Publish, all pending changes become live on your WhatsForm.

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