How to add Whatsform to WordPress using Shortcode

How to add Whatsform to WordPress using Shortcode

You can easily embed your Whatsform in any page by generating a Wordpress shortcode.

Copy Your Whatsform URL

Go to your Whatsform dashboard and click Share on your form.

Under Link, you will find your Whatsform URL. Click on Copy.

Edit Plugin Settings

Go to your Wordpress dashboard and click on Settings of the plugin.

Click on Set up embed in an existing page / post.

Generate your Shortcode

Paste your Whatsform URL onto Wordpress and click Get shortcode. You will see the shortcode on the bottom of your screen. Adding this shortcode to any page or post will automatically embed WhatsForm on that page.

Copy your Shortcode

Click on Copy.

Edit your Post

Go to your posts and click Edit.

Add a Shortcode to your Post

Click on + and then select Shortcode.

Paste the Shortcode to your Post

Paste the sortcode to your post and then click Update.

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