Distribute Team Routing

Distribute Team Routing

You can distribute the WhatsApp responses you get to various agents in your team using our team feature.

Open Settings

Open Team

Under Settings> Team, the second option is Distribute agent routing.

Here, you can add the phone numbers of different agents. In the above example, we have added the numbers of three agents.

How it works

The response will be distributed among the agents on a round-robin basis. To give you a better idea,

  • Response 1 → goes to Agent 1

  • Response 2 → goes to Agent 2

  • Response 3 → goes to Agent 3

  • Response 4 → goes to Agent 1 (Cycle starts again)

This strategy ensures you can even the load of customer inquiries among your team; every customer gets personal attention.


  1. There is no limit on number of agents that you can.

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  3. How to send responses to agents conditionally?

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