Conditional Team Routing

Conditional Team Routing

Open Settings

Open Team

Under Settings > Team, the third option is Conditional agent routing.

Here, you can add conditions and then accordingly decide to which WhatsApp number the response should be forwarded to.

How it works

Let’s say you have a multiple choice question in your WhatsForm like the one below:

And you have one agent for each of the departments.

  • Agent 1: handles the kids section

  • Agent 2: handles cosmetics section

  • Agent 3: handles the shoes section

  • Agent 4: handles all other inquires

In this scenario, you will add three conditions. Each answer pointing to the respective agent. And if no match is found, the response is forwarded to the fourth agent.


  1. There is no limit on number of agents that you can.

  2. How to send responses to a single WhatsApp number?

  3. How to distribute responses among a team of agents?

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